Les Super Filles du Tram – fav’ burger joint in Brussels!

Les Super Filles du Tram
22 rue Lesbroussart , 1050 Ixelles (close to Place Flagey)
Open 7/7 – brunch on Sunday

After my favorite brunch, let me present you one of my favorite burger places in Brussels : Les Super Filles du Tram

Litteraly: the super girls from of the tramway. OK, their name means less than nothing, but believe me, they know how to make burgers!

Be careful what ou order, the portions are BIG! But it is here that I learned you could get doggy bags in Brussels, which I had not idea about. After living a few years in Paris, I thought “doggy bag” was an insult which would only lead the waiter to look at you with a disgusted look on your face.

Also, this is not the kind of place where, like so many others, they tend to always cook the meat a bit more than what you ask. I like my meat rare, almmost uncooked..and I ma often disappointed at restaurants. This is why I got into the habit of asking my meat “as raw as possible”…I did the same here, and I received a completely raw steak. Tartare style. I had to send it back to the kitchens to be at least seared. But after this it was perfect..and I cannot say they did not follow my request..you could not get it more raw.

A few pictures to make you want to go there!

This was my order : the “Champi” – steak, rucola & mushrooms in a creamy sauce.

The fries where delicious too!




The Big Joe:




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