Turning a disaster into a new creation: omelette burgers

This post started with a complete disaster…but desperation and determination turned it into a perfectly eatable lunch.

I had amorously baked a quiche, with fava beans, parlsey, cherry tomatoes and cooked ham. It looked delicious and I was feeling as proud as I was hungry! My boyfriend and me set to the task quickly and attacked it right away. Of course he had headstart and he was the first to notice something was wrong: the quiche tasted sweet! Needless to say it was not supposed to AND it did not turn out to be one of the unsuspected but delicious association you might discover by chance. It was utterly impossible to eat it.

Now seing the picture below, you might think that I destroyed it to pieces in my rage…

…but if you take a closer look you will see that I actually meticulously separated the (sweet..do we need to say it again..) crust from the rest, in an attempt to save the dish. Why so?

Well, first of all I hate throwing food away, and I would go to any extent in order to save a ruined dish. This has already earned me many mocking comments from friends, but it is another story. ¬†Second, don’t forget that I had a hungry man next to me (and when I say hungry, I mean gorilla hungry) , and he was growing restless. I needed a plan! And I needed it fast.

So this is how I came up with my omelette-burgers! I just separated the crust from the egg-based quiche, in a presentable bits as I could. Then I grilled burger buns and added some pesto, the omelette and a few slices of raw tomatoes. Lunch was saved! After this, the gorilla turned back into Prince Charming and they lived happily ever after.

— THE END —-

By the way, I do not present a recipe here because I had not planned the burger-thing. But I promise to try the quiche again and to let you all know about it. This time I’ll make my own crust..safer this way!



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