Passion fruit & coconut cream : this is not an egg!

Aren’t they the CUTEST?

While browsing a cook book I saw a picture of a passionfruit-chocolate mousse, where the mousse was actually served IN the passionfruit. I am not a huge fan of the passionfruit/chocolate combination, but I loved the idea of using them as a cup. It reminded me a lot of boiled eggs, and I thought the idea could be pushed a bit further.

I had also been looking into a passionfruit/coconut tiramisu recipe, after someone suggested the idea on my facebook page. But I could not quite find the biscuit to use with it. So I recycled the idea into making these wannabe boiled eggs! They are made of a rhum-coconut-mascarpone cream topped with passionfruit. And they are ready in a minute!

Ingredients (6):

– 100g mascarpone

– 6 ripe passion fruits

– 2 tbsp honey

– 1 egg (separate yolk from white)

– 100g shredded coconut

– 1 tsp old rhum

Steps :

1. Mix together mascarpone, rhum, eggyolk, coconut and honey.

2. Beat the eggwhites until firm, then add them slowly to the mascarpone mix. Put in the fridge while you work on the passionfruits.

3. Cut the passionfruit as if they where boiled eggs in an eggcup, making a little hat with the top. With a teaspoon, remove the yellow part with the seeds and put it in a bowl. Clean the passionfruit shells well to make enough space for the cream. Keep the hats for decoration.

4. Add a teaspoon of passionfruit at the bottom of each shell. Then fill the passionfruits with coconut cream until you reach the top (shouldn’t take much..these things are actually really small). And finish with another teaspoon of passionfruit.

5. That’s it! Put back in the fridge and serve as dessert.


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