Spicy sweet potato hummus

Summer times rhymes with pic-nic time!

This week-end I had my first pic-nic in the parc, gorging myself on cut fruit, bread and cheese.

I had it all ready to go when I remembered this nice  dip I had eaten in a pub on Portobello Road in London a month back.  It was my first sweet potato hummus and I tasted amazing. So I thought it was the right moment to add a bit of spice to this classic pic nic and I summoned up all my taste buds and their memories to try to recreate it.

On the picture here below is the dip I tasted a month ago at the Castle, in Notting Hill. (Yes, I take pictures of food when I eat out..doesn’t everyone?)

The Castle
225 Portobello Road London, Greater London W11 1LU

Inspired by this one, here is my personal attemps to sweet potato hummus..be careful with the spices, it was HOT!


– 1 sweet potato

– 2 tbsp olive oil

– 1 small can of chick peas

– 1 pressed clove of garlic

– 3 tsp lime juice

– 1 tsp Cayenne pepper

– a pinch of chili pepper (this is the hottie!)


Steps : 


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Wrap the sweet potato in aluminum foil.

Bake it for 50-60 mn until it is soft when you touch it.


2. Skin the sweet potato whil it is still hot.

Then cut it into big pieces.

3. Put all ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

Mix it all together until you obtain an homogeneous paste (though I don’t mind a few remaining chunks of sweet potato or pea).

4. And here is your sweet potato hummus! Have it with a salad on a toast as starter, or on tortilla/nachos for aperitif. It is delicious either way!

Running the risk of seeming pedantic, I like my version better because there were more sweet potatoes in it compared to the chick peas & olive oil, which made a bit lighter, but still very creamy. Anyways..the dip at Portobello was good enough to make me remember it for a month and want to try and make my own so…



9 thoughts on “Spicy sweet potato hummus

  1. After having tried this delicious hummus with the present author of the blog, I HAD to make it again.
    But I got mistaken buying the sweet-potatoe: it exists actually 2 kinds of sweet-potatoes (orange and white) and I bought the less common white one… Nevermind: I try!
    And it still tastes great, a bit sweeter so don’t hesitate to add more salt and species. More over it has to cook longer.
    Warning: the garlic taste delicious but STRONG (my boyfriend didn’t want to kiss me for the whole evening! :s)


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