Berries and whipped coconut cream

I got really lucky at the market this week : got a kilo of cherries for next to nothing, and 2 punnets of berries for free in addition to that! Supposedly for my nice smile… but I suspect it was mainly because it was the end of the day, there were the last two left, and the market gardener did not want to pack them up. But I try to forget that … the other reason, though more unlikely, makes me feel much better!

The cherries were delicious..and I just ate them straight from the bag!I am not too much for cooking berries either, but I had some coconut milk left, and thought I could put it to good use to make this recipe… a “non recipe” really.

Ingredients (4):

120 g raspberries

120 g blueberries

25 cl coconut cream (tetrabrik is better quality I heard)

80 g icing sugar

Before you start:

We are going to whip coconut cream here…and it is not as easy as regular cream.

So let’s take not chances! Before starting I put the cream, the bowl in which I am going to whip it and the eggbeater’s whisks in the freezer for an hour. This will help getting a thick whipped cream..if it does not turn out ferm enough..well, it might not look as good, but the taste stays great, so no panic!


1. Whip up the coconut milk with the sugar until firm

2. Wash the berries and pour them in individual cups

3. Add the whipped up coconut cream..and enjoy fresh!

I could not resist using my siphon for the pictures to make it look nicer..but it works without it !


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