Le Far Breton from far far away – excuse my French

The far breton is a traditional cake from Brittany. It is a sort of prune custard flan..and it happens to be my roomie’s favorite cake. Since we were celebrating her birthday this Friday, it was the occasion for me to take the plunge and make one!


500 ml semi-skimmed milk

2 eggs

65 g caster sugar

125 g flour

250 g pitted prunes

1 tbsp old rhum (optional, can be replaced with vanilla extract)

20 g butter


1. Preheat the oven at 190°C

2. Pour flour into a bowl,make a hole in the center and add the eggs.

3. Mix eggs and flour together, then add the sugar.

4. Slowly add the milk and keep mixing to avoid any lumps. (If you get some you can still cheat and pour the mix in a blender to get rid of them). Then add the rhum.

5. Butter a rectangular glass gratin dish (or a baking pan). Place the prunes in it, and then pour the mix on top of them in order to almost completely cover them.

6. Put a few bits of butter on top, in order for the cake to stay soft but nicely brown on top.

7. Leave in the oven for 40 mn. When you stick a knife in the flan, it should come out dry.

8. Leave it to rest until warm. You can serve as is, or with some ice cream.


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