Tea & Eat – perfect brunch on a sunny sunday

Already July and summer does not seem to start yet in Brussels. I used to make fun of the people here, strolling the street in their shorts & tees at the first ray of light. But then I realized I did not want to lose even one occasion to sit in the sun myself when I had the chance, as it does not happen that often here!

So this week-end, when chosing a place for brunch, a garden or a least a terrace was a must have! And I found the Holy Grail: Tea & Eat!

Place is lovely, they have a shady garden that protects you from the noise in the streets, waiters are nice & helpful, and food is delicious. What more could I ask for? Oh yes I forgot, it is not even overly priced!

We had a brunch composed of toast bagels with cream cheese and salmon on a green salad and roasted vegetables, soft scrambled eggs, a biiiiig scone with strawberry jam and whipped cream, freshly squeezed orange juice and a choice of hot beverages.

If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy the athmospere, you can also stop by their little shop and get some of there numerous and flavorful teas.


2 thoughts on “Tea & Eat – perfect brunch on a sunny sunday

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