Two-face homemade pizza

It is thanks to this pizza that “fish & veggie girl” and “steak & potato guy” solved a dispute that could have sadly ended a romantic couch potato evening. Good thing we master the art of compromise, at least when it comes to food !


Ingredients (makes 2 pizze)

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp sugar

15 g salt

25 g sourdough

500 g all purpose flour

300 ml warm water


1. Break the sourdough cube into small bits and cover with warm water (use about 100 ml). Dilute the sourdough in the water and let sit until you see a thin layer of foam forming on the surface.

2. In another bowl, dilute the salt in 100 ml water.

3. In a big bowl, pour all the flour and make a hole in the center, in which you will pour all the ingredients. First add the sourdough mix, then the salt dilutd in water, then the olive oil.

4. Then slowly add the rest of water (you should have 400 ml left) while working the dough with your hands. When you have obtained a homogeneous  dough, remove from the bowl.

5. Contiue working the dough on your worktop, until elastic and perfectly homogeneous.

6. Put your big balll of dough back in the bowl, cover with a peice of cloth and let sit for at least 2 hours in a warm place. It is going to rise, rise, RISE, until it becomes twice as big as it was.

7. Flatten the dough with a rolling-pin and then use your fingers once you almost reached deisred thickness and size. There is no rule, depending how thick you like your crust, it could be 3mm to 5 mm thick.



For both :

1 can tomato sauce (napoletana is the best, with some basil leaves..buying it organic really makes the difference here)

2 fresh tomatoes

Fresh basil leaves & parmesan shavings to decorate

For Veggie Girl: 1/2 bell pepper, 1 zucchini, 5 sundried tomatoes

For Meat Boy: chorizo, prosciuto, capers


1. Spread the tomato sauce on the pizza, stopping 1cm from the sides in order to make the crust.

2. Cut the fresh tomatoes into thin slices and lay them on the dough covered with tomato sauce.

3. This is where our paths are separating:

– Veggie Girl will cut all the veggies into sticks or slices and quickly fry them in a pan to soften them. She will then let them cook down before disposing on layer of zucchinis, then one layer of peppers and sprinkle with sundried tomatoes.

– Meat Boy will just lay the chorizo and prosciuto slices on his side of the pizza and sprinkle with a few capers. (lucky him). Because he is such a gentleman, he can then preheat the oven at 250°C while Veggie Girl is still working on her part.

4. Once both parts of the pizza are ready, cook for about 15-20 mn in the oven.

5. Add parmesan shavings & fresh basil leaves before serving.

Veggie Girl’s Pizza

Meat Boy’s Pizza


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