Big foodie event in Brussels this week-end!

This week-end I am planning to go to Culinaria in Brussels, a big gastronomic event in Brussels that takes place for the 4th time. This years theme : Into the raw…seems promising.

From 31/05 until 03/05 at Culinaria you can taste the best food, make new discoveries and even dine with a full gastronomic menu made by the best cooks in Belgium. I will be there..and will tell you about it shortly after!!


One thought on “Big foodie event in Brussels this week-end!

  1. Update : It was not what I had expected! I could not even afford the entrance that was about 80€, and I could that was not my crowd. Maybe I should have known when I saw the event was sponsored by Mercedes?

    Anyway I lost the whole morning going there, and though the website indicated a cheaper entrance fee for people who just want to enjoy the booths without the dinner..once there, it was not the case.

    Sorry if some of you wanted more details on this! But I don’t give up on cooking events! I took my tickets to the Cake& Bake Show in London for September! 🙂


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