Shrimp and avocado tartare

I went back to my parent’s place in the South-West of France for this long week-end, hoping for a little sunshine… but I got unlucky. To make the best of a bad hand, I decided to involve the whole family in this blog for the few days I am here : cook some family creations, work together on presentation and get some help from my dad for the pictures. Now I wish it could always look like this!

This first recipe is really easy to make, with only a few ingredients, and packed with healthy stuff. Very refreshing, it is perfect for the summer (hello, summer, do you hear me? we are waiting for you..). So here we go for the tartare!

Ingredients (4): 

2 avocados (ideally not too ripe, so that the pieces hold together)

5 cluster tomatoes

20 cooked shrimps

2 limes

2 tbs olive oil

1/2 red onion

1 bunch of chopped fresh coriander (or other herbs)

Salt and pepper

Specific tool used for presentation: Pastry ring with pusher (diameter 10 cm, height 60-70 mm)


1. Squeeze the 2 limes and set the so obtained juice aside.

2. Cut the red onion, the tomatoes and the avocado in cubes of 5mm wide and reserve in a bowl.

3. Pour the lime juice, olive oil and chopped coriander on the avocado mix. Add salt and pepper. Let sit for 5mn until the red onions become transparent.

4. Shell and devein the shrimps. Then cut them in halves lengthwise. Now everything is ready to dress the plates!

5. Put you pastry ring at the center of your plate. Fill half of it with the avocado mix, then press with the pusher (or a spoon).

6. On top of this first layer, add a layer of shrimps (about 8 halves if you want to keep the rest for decorating).

7. Then again 2 tbsp of avocado mix, and press.

8. Remove the ring cautiously. And VOILA!

9. To decorate, add the remaining shrimps and a coriander leaf on top of the tartare

You can serve with a green salad for example, using the mix of lime & olive oil as a dressing.







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