Panna cotta kiwi/almond

Today’s dessert can be made WITHOUT an oven! It is extremely simple and ready in 10 mn …well,  you still have to wait three hours for it to set before enjoying it, but anyway, the actual workload is peanuts!

I started from a very classic recipe of panna cotta, but replaced the vanilla with almond extract, and served it with kiwi coulis. Here is how to make it yourself:


25 cl of cream

25 cl of semi-skimmed milk

70 g of sugar

2 drops of almond extract

2 gelatine sheets

2 ripe kiwis


1. Lay the gelatine sheets in cold water for them to soften

2. Pour cream and milk in a pan, add the sugar and almond extract.

3. Cook until it starts to come to the boil

4. Let the mixture cool down a little. Dry the gelatine sheets by pressing them between your hands. Then add them in the milk mixture and stir until they are completely dissolved.

5. Pour the mixture in cups or glasses and put away in the fridge for about 3 hours.

6. Mix the kiwis into a sort of smoothie.

7. Then you can either take it the easy way and serve the panna cottas directly in their cup and pour the kiwi coulis on top. OR you feel brave and want to impress your guests and you can turn them out of the cups and serve them on a plate, like presented on the picture.

It is actually pretty easy once you know the trick. So here it is:

Put some water in a pan until warm. It does not need to be boiling, but still very warm. Make sure there is enough so that the water line reaches the top of the panna cotta when you put the cups in the water, but not too much so that the water does not get into the cup and ruin your dessert (you wouldn’t want that, would you?). Now all you have to do is indeed place the cups in the water for about 10 seconds. Then take the cups out of the water, and turn them upside down on a plate. Here is your beautiful panna cotta, ready to be topped with kiwi coulis and then served to your baffled guests! Bon appétit!


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