Rotolo alla nutella…with a twist

My other half happens to be Italian..and when it comes to food, 200% close to his roots. I wanted to do something special for his birthday, but did not feel like challenging generations of tiramisù I went for a Nutella roll, with a hint of rhum to balance the overly sweet taste. And it worked! It was all gone by the end of the dinner..and it was only the two of us.


3 eggs

80 g flour

80 g sugar

1 small glass of Nutella

4 tablespoons of rhum


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C

2. Separate the tolk from the egg whites. Beat the eggwhites until stiff

3. Mix egg yolks and sugar and whip with a whisk until white

4. Add flour and mix. Then fold the egg whites gently into the mixture

5. Spread the mixture on an aluminum foil, set on a baking sheet beforehand. I used a 26*36cm sheet.

6. Cook for 10mn at 180°C

7. While the dough is cooking, reheat the Nutella in the microwave for 1 minute to make it more liquid and thus easier to spread.

8. Get the sponge cake out of the oven, and set it on a wet peice of cloth (aluminum foil touching the cloth).

9. Brush the sponge cake with rhum and then spread Nutella on it. Try to leave about 5mm on each side, the Nutella will spread while you make the roll.

10. You are almost there! The only thing left to do is roll the sponge cake crosswise. The aluminum foil detaches itself easily from the sponge cake in the process.

11. To decorate you can sprinkle with icing sugar or chocolate sprinkles. I chose to go all the way and cover it with Nutella..but hey, it was a birthday!

This roll was so easy to make, I have been thinking of making it again with some creative fillings: lemon curd, raspberry/cream, coffee/mascarpone, marmelade/Grand Marnier, apricot jam & almonds …there is a world of possibilities!! No time to do it yet though..but if anyone has an idea, now its the time!


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