Recipes keep memories alive

Hello world!!

Or most probably me, myself and I for now…but time will tell!

It goes without saying that I enjoy cooking a lot, not only desserts though, even it is mainly what will be featured on this blog. Why so? Well, I tend to have no recipe at all when it comes to savory things, or cooking an actual dish. I mainly go with what there is left in the cupboard…I might show you some “inventions” from time to time.

But when it comes to baking, I like to follow a recipe that I might embroid with some personal additions, which makes it much easier to share afterwards. I also feel like there is more emotions in desserts (how sick is that?). So instead of taking many pictures, I always make sure to bring back a recipe when I go to visit a place or a friend. This is what makes this blog not only a shared recipe book, but also a shared memory book.

Hope will enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Recipes keep memories alive

  1. LOVE the name of your blog!
    Sacrée Cha, go on, we’ll be following (and drooling over) your kicking-ass-blog from Brazil. Won’t be able to try a lot of your recipes for now, though, as we only have gas to cook here…
    Kiss kick love!


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